Praline Ice Cream Cup

Praline Ice Cream Cup

This 6 ingredient praline mousse dessert is a must to make this Yom Tov! It’s yummy and takes just a few minutes to make!



1 cup whip topping, defrosted
1 cup marshmallow cream
1/8 cup Bakers Choice praline paste
1 cup cornflakes (semi crushed)
3 Tbsp. Bakers Choice chocolate schmeer
1 tsp oil



In a bowl, mix together the whip topping, marshmallow cream, and praline paste with hand blender and freeze for two hours.
Meanwhile, mix together the schmeer and oil, and coat the cornflakes.
To assemble, press cornflakes into mousse cups and then top with mousse.
To decorate, swirl melted baking chocolate on parchment paper. Let harden and stick them into the mousse.
Freeze and enjoy ?

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