Praline Ice Cream

Praline Ice Cream

Perfect dessert for yom tov!! Rich taste, elegant look and easy to make!

Ice Cream

12 eggs separate
1 cup sugar
16 oz. Ungers non dairy topping
1 tbsp. vanilla sugar
1 oz. Bakers Choice praline powder or praline paste

Praline Chocolate Ganache

¼ cup sugar
1 tbsp. Bakers choice dutch cocoa
3½ oz. Bakers Choice baking chocolate
¼ cup Ungers non dairy topping
4 tbsp. water
2 oz. Margarine (½ stick)
4 tbsp. Bakers Choice praline powder or praline paste


Ice Cream
Beat whip topping until stiff, set aside.
Beat egg whites until stiff, gradually add sugar. Reduce speed and add vanilla sugar, egg yolks, praline powder/ paste and whip topping, mix just until combined ( do not over beat). Pour half of the batter into a separate bowl, set aside.

Praline Chocolate Ganache
Combine all ingredients and melt in a double boiler. Using a hand blender, blend ganache until smooth. Cool until warm. ( If chocolate ganache hardens while you’re working with it, microwave for about 20 seconds, or until soften, but not hot) Add ¼ cup praline chocolate ganache to mixing bowl and mix well.

To Assemble
Fill a layer of praline chocolate ice cream into desired cups. Add a thin layer of praline chocolate
ganache and top with a layer of praline ice cream. (all three layers could be done at once )
To garnish, Sprinkle praline powder or any desired crunch.

Use pastry bags to easily fill cups.
This ice cream recipe could be done in a 10×15 pan, cut ice cream into squares.

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