Hazelnut Marble Cake

Hazelnut Marble Cake

This hazelnut marble cake is deliciously fluffy and moist! It’ll be gone before you blink!



6 whole eggs, divided
1¼ cup sugar
½ cup oil
1 Tbsp. Bakers Choice vanilla sugar
1½ Tsp. Bakers Choice baking powder
1¾ Cup flour
7 oz. Bakers Choice hazelnut cream 

Praline Glaze

7 oz. Bakers Choice white baking chocolate
6 Tbsp. Bakers choice praline powder
1 Tbsp. corn syrup
3 Tbsp. water


Preheat oven to 350°
Beat egg whites until fluffy, gradually add sugar until stiff. Reduce speed to low and add egg yolks one at a time. Add rest of the ingredients, alternating liquids and flour. Pour half of the batter into a well-greased large Bundt pan. Mix hazelnut cream with remaining batter and gently pour over white batter. Bake for one hour or until done.
Combine all ingredients in a double boiler and mix until melted. Using a hand blender, blend glaze until smooth and pour over cooled cake.
Use 1 Tbsp. Bakers choice Hazelnut cream to marbleize glaze.
Freeze greased Bundt pan for 5-10 minutes before using, this will help your Bundt cake to slip out easily.

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