Caramel dipped apples

Caramel dipped apples

Caramel dipped apples! Make your own apples in time for Rosh Hashana for your family or as a gift for teachers and friends.  Cuz it’s so easy and tastes yummy! Use your favorite bakers choice garnish.



10 granny smith apples (unwaxed)

1-1/4 cup confection sugar

1-1/4 cup water

1 bakers choice parve caramel cream 

bakers choice chocolate/ lotus crunch or other toppings



if you are using waxed apples, dip apples in hot water and dry well. (this will ensure that the caramel doesn’t slide off)

Insert skewer into each apple.

in a saucepan, combine confection sugar and water. bring to a boil, over medium flame boil for 2 minutes. keep mixing to avoid burning. Close flame and add caramel cream. Mix until well combined and smooth.

dip apples in caramel cream and place on lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle or dip bottom of apple with chocolate/lotus crunch or other bakers choice toppings.

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